About the Africa Public Health Foundation

The Africa Public Health Foundation exists to forge partnerships and mobilize resources to support critical public health initiatives across the continent, in service of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).

The Partnerships Platform for Africa CDC 

Established in September 2019, APHF is mobilizing flexible funds to accelerate Africa CDC-led public health programs with an immediate focus on the COVID-19 response. Over the course of 2021, APHF has supported Africa CDC to secure $10 million towards the establishment of vaccination centres.


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The Africa Public Health Foundation is grateful to all our supporters for enabling the Foundation to meet the incredible milestone of $25 million, in our first year to June 2021, raised for the pandemic response and broader health system strengthening.

Partners are invited to collaborate with the Africa Public Health Foundation to co-design programs that support Africa CDC’s critical work. Learn more about our current partners and initiatives here.



“No one doubts that the road to pandemic preparedness requires unprecedented levels of political and financial engagement. It is difficult but achievable. The health of the continent, and of the world, depends on all of us keeping our commitments.”John Nkengasong, Director, Africa CDC.


“Africa CDC is privileged with the political will of the highest levels of African leadership and shall harness this opportunity to advance its mission in addressing the public health emergencies that the continent faces. Our joint efforts and in collaboration with all stakeholders will allow us to be better prepared for pandemics and emergency responses, and it is through such partnerships we can move towards a better, healthier Africa.” Amira Elfadil, Commissioner for Social Affairs, African Union Commission.


“Global health security remains an ever-present challenge to everyone on this planet, the least of which is the 1 Billion Africans, the majority of them being youth with huge innovative potential and demographic dividends. African Public Health Foundation is here to serve as a catalyst for resource mobilization, especially financial resources and to build bridges of true partnership between public and private sectors, leveraging on the resourcefulness of the private sector and philanthropists to strengthen African healthcare systems. Together we can do more!” Bernard Haufiku, Founder, Africa Public Health Foundation.


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