A platform for collaboration and philanthropy

Our Vision

​A safer, healthier, productive and prosperous Africa.

Our Mission

Forge partnerships and mobilise resources and investments for critical African public health initiatives in support of the Africa CDC and African Union’s New Public Health Order.

Relationship with Africa CDC

The Africa Public Health Foundation and Africa CDC teams work closely to identify priority areas for fundraising and grant-making, drawing from Africa CDC’s strategic pillars. Africa CDC is also represented in a non-voting capacity at all APHF Council meetings.

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About Africa CDC

Our priorities

Health emergency preparedness and response

  • Surveillance systems
  • Early warning systems
  • Disease predictions
  • Coordination and effective response to emergencies
  • Risk communication

Public health workforce

  • Epidemiologists (Goal = 1:200,000 population)
  • Leadership development

National Public Health Institutes

  • Capacity building
  • Policy development
AU Member States
US$ million raised since 2020

Our Core Values


Founded and governed by African leaders, we are committed to supporting health initiatives that address local public health priorities


We engender trust by holding ourselves to the highest level of ethics, professionalism, transparency, and accountability.


As an independent foundation, we act promptly and responsively to save lives, ensuring resources get to where they are needed the most.


We combine our flexibility and speed with Africa’s scientific expertise, in the mobilization of resources and forging partnerships.

System Focused

We focus on the strengthening of national health systems to be resilient and sustainable

Founded and governed by African leaders, we are committed to supporting health initiatives that address local public health priorities

History of Africa Public Health Foundation

Launched in September 2019, the Africa Public Health Foundation was founded to work alongside the Africa CDC to accelerate a shared commitment towards a healthy, prosperous Africa. The Africa Public Health Foundation offers a partnerships platform for collaboration in service of Africa CDC’s critical health work in Africa.

In 2020, we laid the foundations of that platform, securing over US$20M+ in grant commitments towards the COVID-19 response work led by the Africa CDC and the work on health system strengthening that will follow.

Our funders and partners’ commitment to work with us as we established the necessary systems, structures, and skills at APHF has been humbling. APHF has focused its resource mobilization efforts on supporting priority Africa CDC interventions on COVID-19 response and recovery that will strengthen Africa’s public health systems for the long-term.

APHF’s purpose is to bring agility, flexibility and transparency to the goal of strengthening public health systems across Africa beyond pandemic preparedness in the long term. Our approach enables our partners to direct resources quickly and effectively.

Together for a healthy, prosperous Africa

“APHF remains committed to being the partnership platform supporting Africa CDC. In delivering on our mandate, we will be Africa-led in our approach and embrace international best practices across all our core functions”

Dr. Francisco Songane, Interim CEO of APHF

“No one doubts that the road to pandemic preparedness requires unprecedented levels of political and financial engagement. It is difficult but achievable. The health of the continent, and of the world, depends on all of us keeping our commitments”

Dr. John Nkengasong, Previous Director of Africa CDC