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Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) on February 20-21 held the second Africa Partnerships Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The event, this time with attendance in person, brought together bilateral and multilateral agencies, foundations and technical implementing partners working with Africa CDC. Africa Public Health Foundation (APHF) was represented by the Interim CEO, Dr. Francisco Songane and the Resource Mobilization Lead, Milou Biesebroek.

The purpose of the forum was to convey the vision and way forward for where Africa CDC is today and where the institution is headed as well as increased awareness and understanding of key gaps and opportunities moving forward for partnership and investment. In addition, the forum tackled the issue of investment by creating and/or fostering an open environment for maximizing partner coordination with Africa CDC, and between partners. For partners who were in attendance, it was a great opportunity to garner ideas and perspectives on key agendas through a collective approach.

Africa CDC promotes partnerships and collaboration among Member States to address emerging and endemic diseases and public health emergencies. The institution works with several partners including other African Union entities, regional economic communities, regional health organizations, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, donors, development partners, United Nations agencies as well as bilateral and intergovernmental organizations.

The forum held under the theme ‘New Public Health Order, Partnerships for Africa’ is important for Africa CDC as it is part of the operationalization of the African Union Health Strategy. The New Public Health Order calls for enhancing public health institutions in Africa, developing workforce competencies in public health, expanding local production of health products, boosting domestic health investment, and encouraging respectful partnerships.

Africa CDC urged all parties to support and carry out the call to action, including governments, multilateral organizations, foundations, the private sector, civil society organizations, and all other interested parties. George Momanyi, Partnerships Lead for Africa CDC emphasized the need to have viable partnerships to advance public health priorities in the continent, “Since our inception, we have centralized the importance of building strong and adaptive partnerships. Our goal for 2023 and beyond is to continue to strengthen current/existing partnerships, open new doors and meet new contacts, and grow and diversify our partnerships in order to achieve greater health security.”

Africa Public Health Foundation Interim CEO Dr. Francisco Songane who attended the forum said, “As we highlight the Africa CDC achievements, particularly the crucial role it played in the management of the continent’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we reflect on the invaluable contribution made by several institutions/organizations, which was accomplished through effective partnerships. Let’s keep the momentum, improve the quality of our joint work, as we look ahead to a long-term and sustainable perspective.”





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