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The Africa Public Health Foundation (APHF) has received a U.S. Public Charity Equivalency Determination from NGO Source, a project of the Council on Foundations.




Equivalency determination is a process by which a U.S. grantmaker evaluates whether an intended foreign grantee is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity. The grantmaker must collect a set of detailed information about the grantee’s operations and finances and make a reasonable determination of its equivalency. A certificate for APHF is now available in the repository for NGOsource grantmaker members.

APHF has been making rapid progress to establish the Foundation Secretariat alongside the robust systems and structures that allow for transparent and effective grant-making. In addition to establishing our financial systems, since our launch at the World Economic Forum for Africa in 2019, the Foundation has:

  • Appointed Africa Health Business to incubate and operationalize the Foundation
  • Established a governing Council that is active in the leadership of the Foundation
  • Established a Secretariat with Director in Nairobi

“Moving quickly to establish the APHF operations has been our priority in these first months,” said Sahra Noor, APHF Director. “This is an imperative given the current pandemic and the needs of Africa CDC, who we are mandated to serve. We are delighted that the Foundation has received this important determination.”

The Africa Public Health Foundation is a public charity based in Nairobi. The Foundation’s mandate is to forge partnerships and mobilize resources in service of Africa CDC. Together, our goal is to strengthen Africa’s public health institution’s capacities, capabilities and partnerships.