Dr. Bernard Haufiku

Dr. Bernard S. Haufiku is a Namibian medical doctor and Special Adviser to the Namibian government on health matters with over 20 years of clinical experience both in public and private practice. He is the former Health and Social Services Minister of the Republic of Namibia, having held the position between 2015 and 2018. Dr. Haufiku, an avid supporter of HIV management, primarily focused on reducing maternal mortality by eliminating mother-to-child HIV transmissions while he was a minister.


Dr. Haufiku has also served as the chairperson of Namibia Medical Society (from 2009 to 2012) and a member of the governing board of the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC; from 2015 to 2018). Dr. Haufiku has recently accepted a nomination to chair the African Public Health Foundation to be launched by Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) and the African Union in February 2020.


Dr. Haufiku has studied medicine at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, where he received the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCH). Furthermore, he holds a diploma in Anesthesiology from the College of Medicine of South Africa. He has taken a clinical course in HIV management at the Foundation for Professional Development in South Africa. Dr. Haufiku had also attended the esteemed Harvard Leadership training in the United States in 2015. In his free time, Dr. Haufiku enjoys playing chess and listening to classical and jazz music.