Mr.Assad Abdullatif

Mr. Assad Abdullatiff is the Managing Director at AXIS Fiduciary Ltd (AXIS), the Management Company and Company Secretary of the Foundation. Prior to joining AXIS, Assad was Assistant Director at the Board of Investment of Mauritius, where he headed the Financial Services Cluster and was also responsible for the promotion of Mauritius as an International Financial Centre.

Assad has previously served as Chairman of STEP Mauritius and appointed as Council Member of STEP Worldwide (2017-2020) to represent the Africa & Arabia regions, including branches in India, Mauritius, South Africa, Seychelles and UAE. He has also recently been appointed as Director on the STEP Worldwide Board for a mandate of two years (2020-2022).

Assad is an international speaker, with an on-the-ground presence in conferences and roadshows across Africa, showcasing Mauritius as the gateway to ‘The Hopeful Continent’. He also acts as professional trustee/council member on various Trust & Foundations and has been closely involved in drafting foundation laws in Mauritius as well as involved in the implementation of the Trust Legislations in Mauritius. Assad is also active in The Association of Trust and Management Companies and several other Associations. He also serves as Independent Director on many Mauritian companies operating in diverse economic sectors.

Assad holds an LLB Hons (Bachelor of Law) from the University of Wolverhampton (UK) and an LLM (Master of Laws) in Business Law from the University of Hertfordshire (UK). He is also qualified as a Barrister-at-Law in Mauritius.